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    Development programme for an effective and growing team

    A great team can accomplish great things and is a company’s greatest asset. All managers have experienced the difficulty of establishing and maintaining a team.

    Meeskond üksjalgThe development of a team is a marathon rather than a sprint.
    In our 17 years of operations we have seen that long-term development programmes are more efficient than short-term training.

    You should use team development programmes when your team wants to move forward more consciously, efficiently and quickly.
    A good development programme helps a team uncover their hidden wisdom and helps invigorate the body and soul.


    The development programme is useful for:


    Our programmes are always put together working with you, and when creating them we combine different work forms and modules according to the team’s needs:



    As the foundation of team development we use the Team Management Systems integrated approach, which is based on 25 years of scientific research. TMS includes a complete set of tools for team profiling, including the most widely used team role profile. Bristol & Partners have been using TMS profiles since 2003 and over a hundred teams consider it a valuable tool for team development.

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