Who is it for, and why?

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The focus of coaching is personal development, goal achievement and self-efficiency.

A coach is your trainer for success: they help you reach a point where you can do and be what you desire.


With the help of coaching you will:
+ Find motivation and courage to actualise your dreams and goals
+ Learn methods through which you can be healthy and balanced and prevent stress and burnout
+ Develop yourself as a manager by learning to manage changes, resolve conflicts, create teams and inspire people
+ Find solutions by discovering new points of view
+ Ventilate your inner dialogue and get feedback on it
+ Discover new things about yourself and you will become more efficient because of it



Forms of coaching


1. Integral coaching package for organisations

An integral solution is a long-term programme that includes several modules and that results in desired changes at the organisational level.

Typical modules in an integral solution:
– Determining the goals and needs of a company (questionnaires, feedback, audit and measures)
– An introductory seminar for employees about the nature and possibilities of coaching
– Field training according to agreement (communication training, stress and burnout, motivation, teamwork, managing conflict, time management, etc.)
– Individual coaching sessions with key employees
– Group sessions with teams
– Concluding seminar – managing changes and action plan training
– Measuring results with the company
– Further support in development and consultation as needed

In the case of an integral process the changes in the organisation take place from the inside out – people start to see the bigger picture, know how they can contribute, feel motivated and know how to use their resources purposefully. The company overcomes obstacles and shortcomings. It is easier and clearer to move towards a common goal.


2. Individual coaching of talent

WP_20150923_13_29_05_ProThe aim of coaching managers, talent and key employees is to keep and develop a certain person so that they realise their potential to create added value for the company.
Coaching for managers and talent is a process where goals and needs are agreed upon and dealt with in the course of several individual meetings. Since this is tailored work, the focus is on the needs of a single person and the result is especially effective and prolonged.


3. Team coaching

This form of coaching is especially suited to teams that are just starting out or teams that have stagnated, are on the brink of change or that want to develop certain team skills and work more effectively.

Team coaching provides good results in situations of crisis or conflict, stressful work periods or when preparing for projects.
The coaching’s most supportive and effective force is its sincere listening style where people can focus on subjects important to them. Working with teams takes place during a period that is agreed upon and usually consists of 3-6 meetings.


Individual coaching

You can come to coaching independently – if you are at a crossroads, want to make changes in your life and gain clarity as to which direction to move in. In individual coaching the needs and goals of a person are determined and worked on over a certain time period.


We work with experienced coaches from the Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association and International Supervision and Coaching Institute.

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