Piret Bristol

I’m fascinated by people and interpersonal relationships. I am curious and inquisitive by nature. Being a trainer, coach and supervisor is a daily adventure, some of which takes place in the secret passages of the psyche and some between and among people. On my most interesting days I get to support the shift of someone’s perceived reality towards bravery, balance, happiness or success.

My conscious journey to understanding humans started in the Department of Psychology at the University of Tartu and continued when I studied to become a gestalt therapist. I have gathered an enormous amount of experience working as a teacher, school psychologist, headmaster and director of an international language firm. 19 years ago I started my studies to become a trainer and founded my own company. Since then I have had the chance and honour to train dozens of teams and supervise and coach managers and specialists internationally (Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, France) for over 2000 hours. For the past eight years I have been the main lecturer for the International Supervision and Coaching Institute’s supervisor/coach training. In 2022 I joined Coaching Constellations teaching team and facilitate Fundamentals Part I trainings. I help develop the field by being a board member of the European umbrella association ANSE. My coaching and trainer portfolio includes Team Management Systems and Denison Organizational Culture Survey certificates and a supervisor and coaching diploma that meets ANSE’s international standards (Institut für Supervision Organisation Kommunikation der Rote Faden and Tallinn University, 2009, Erickson Professional Coach training program “The Art and Science of Coaching”, 2019).


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