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    I am hands-on and involve myself in processes that are exhilarating and offer an opportunity to learn. I am practical by nature and am used to finding solutions in difficult situations. The perfect outlet for this is looking for talent: it is a complex process where every case is a challenge in its own right.


    My work is based on 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship. In that time I have participated in different projects as a founder, project manager or counsellor. If I were to summarise my experience of entrepreneurship then I would say that there are always people behind every success and failure. Hence my interest and belief in people; that through a talent search I can unite talented people with companies that create value.

    I have studied economics and psychology (at the University of Tartu) and taxation (at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences); I have been an entrepreneur in entertainment , event marketing, catering and energy-saving; and I have created and led several teams, experiencing success and failure along the way.

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