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    Objectives that are met,
    smooth changes, enough room for differences, an open and motivated work culture
    and leaders that inspire and take you forward –
    something to achieve?
    Coaching, supervising and experience training for managers and specialists –
    this is what we have believed in and been contributing to for the past 15 years and what has sustainably supported and transformed the journeys of our clients.

    Piret Bristol

    I’m fascinated by people and interpersonal relationships. I am curious and inquisitive by nature. Being a trainer, coach and supervisor is a daily adventure, some of which takes place in the secret passages of the psyche and some between and among people. On my most interesting days I get to support the shift of someone’s perceived reality towards bravery, balance, happiness or success.

    Taavet Bristol

    I am hands-on and involve myself in processes that are exhilarating and offer an opportunity to learn. I am practical by nature and am used to finding solutions in difficult situations. The perfect outlet for this is looking for talent: it is a complex process where every case is a challenge in its own right.

    Our Clients

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